Four things to know before you schedule a home inspection when you're buying or selling real estate.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

Home inspections play a critical role in home buying and can be a valuable negotiating tool. A real estate home inspection helps identify expensive and potentially dangerous issues before purchasing a property. But home inspectors are only human, and they may not catch everything.

To ensure a thorough, painless inspection that identifies potential problems:
Find a qualified home inspector.

Asking for referrals can help you get a list of experienced inspectors. Then, research an inspector’s reviews and verify their credentials. Finally, call and interview a handful of qualified inspectors to help make your decision.

Attend the inspection.

Most buyers prefer to attend the inspection with their Realtor®. To ensure nothing is missed, walk the property after the inspector has gone through the house, asking questions as we go. Once the inspection is done and you receive the report, you and your agent can decide on the next steps. 

Make sure they see the whole house.

The inspector must go everywhere on the property to assess a home’s condition. Confirm the seller will have the yard and doorways clear – that way, the inspector can evaluate the house from top to bottom.

Follow up with your inspector.

Once you receive the full report, carefully go through it. Call the inspector for clarification if there are concerns or you’re confused. Though it’s not standard, you can also request a re-inspection.

It’s essential to ensure your inspection is done correctly from the start. Once you live in the home, it can be challenging to prove that an inspector missed an issue — or show that a seller knew about it but didn’t disclose a problem. 
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